How to Make Sure Your Business Survives in 2017

According to RSA, the commercial insurance company, 71 percent of the UK’s small and mid-sized businesses expect their revenues to either fall or be flat in 2017. The health of any business is not guaranteed forever. At some point, virtually every small and mid-sized business hits troubled waters so this could be a difficult 12 months if you own a small business.

It’s not easy spotting the early signs of trouble. Turning around the fortunes of a distressed business is a formidable task, but if you are concerned, you need to jump on it right away. Treat it like a crisis because without that kind of mindset it’s hard to bring yourself to take significant action straightaway But the good news is that if you act swiftly and decisively, it is possible to recover and bounce back stronger than before.

You need to start 2017 by taking a cold, hard look at your business. Get some outside help because it’s always useful to have an outsider’s perspective. An experienced business consultant can help you to see what needs to be done, make the tough decisions and execute a plan.

Here are the 7 areas that you should be looking at and the questions that you should be asking in order to secure the viability of your business in the year ahead.

1. Strategy. Re-evaluate whether your business is still relevant and focused. What makes your business stand out from your competition? Revisit your marketing strategy because the majority of business ideas fail, not because of a bad idea, but because of bad marketing. Make sure you know how your customers are reacting to your messages.

2. People. Do you have the right people running and operating your business? If not, get rid of the ones who are not performing. To survive, you need “the right people on the bus”. Are the employees who are the right ones properly recompensed and incentivised?

3. Products and services. Are you sure that your clients are satisfied with your offerings?

4. Customers. Is your business focussed on profitable customers? Or are you focusing too much on unprofitable or difficult customers? Where are your customers right now in terms of their mind and mood? For example, are they upbeat or pessimistic, are they cutting back and how are they spending their money right now?

5. Innovation. Are you always improving? For example, are you being creative or using technology to create better products, reduce costs and improve competitive advantages?

6. Performance. Is the business goal orientated? Are your processes and procedures efficient and systemised?

7. Finances. Is your cash flow in a healthy position? Do you have too much debt? Are your gross margins and pricing optimised? Is your sales team effective?

So resolve now to commit to doing all you can to make sure your business survives what could be a difficult year ahead. Be prepared to look closely at what is happening in your business and to make the tough decisions which may be necessary.

A Guide To Recent Trends And Requisites For Growing Your Car Dealership Business

Technology has changed the way consumers make their purchase decision. Earlier, customers walk into the stores and make their purchases. The product was inspected, viewed, and compared right from the stores. Everything seems pretty simple.

With the dawn of Internet age, consumers have access to huge amount of information regarding the product they are looking for and, Mobile devices enabled them to research, view, compare and make purchases on the go. Even though some customers still prefer to buy from a physical store, they all do their market research online before buying. Same is the case for luxury goods like Cars.

1. Smartphone

Now the market is starting a move toward yet an additional shopping source, the networked car. Cars with unlimited data plans for a charge are the next trend, making the cars a wifi hub spot for their smartphone devices. In-car advertising has also been introduced by manufacturers making cars a channel for advertising their complementary products. Thanks to smartphones; networked cars will allow companies to send targeted ads to customer’s phones.

2. Car Dealership Management Systems

DMS are widely used by automotive companies to improve their business management. Nowadays, marketing and analytics integrated Dealer Management Systems are gaining popularity along with those utilizing mobile devices.

Before choosing your DMS provider, you need to ask these questions.

• Will they meet dealership expectations?

• Does the DMS solution drive more business?

• Does the DMS solution connect with the customers today?

A DMS that doesn’t satisfy these questions will not be the appropriate one for your business. A good DMS solution will be closely connected with the customer and will be constantly evolving to the technological trends.

If you have already invested in a DMS system that is not fulfilling your business needs, you can bridge the gap by deploying a mobile app which will act as an extension to your present DMS solution.

One of the apps that can help is car dealership apps for Auto dealers especially designed with customer relation in mind.

A solution to your DMS problems

The future of dealer technology will be in the fully secure, real-time, and bi-directional integration with your dealership & customer. Don’t worry if you cannot afford a fully fledged DMS system, we got your back.

Small dealers can easily overcome this shortfall of not having a DMS solution by deploying a solution which could be deployed on the Web, totally secure, available 24 x 7, highly scalable, meets the demand of the entire dealership, etc..

How Much Sales Is Involved With Business Development?

If you ask a group of people what they think business development is, you would most likely get a few different answers. There is even a chance that your own view of business development and sales may be used interchangeably.

Business development involves more of a strategic approach such as strategy, marketing, customer management, and partnerships; these activities encompass about 75%-80% of the approach, and sales about 20%-25%.

When I get asked the question, does business development have something to do with sales? Yes, it does. Is it related to business growth? Most definitely it does. Does it have anything to do with business strategy? There is a good chance it does.

Business development is a culmination of these different activities but most importantly, it’s all about shifting to the point of view of the client. This will provide you with that new perspective and will have you balance your efforts across these key activities that you and your client will both need and address. Whenever you conduct your business development efforts make sure to take the perspective from the client’s point of view and try to develop a deeper understanding of what their problem is. Realize that the client only cares about one thing and that’s their own group or company’s survival and the problem that they are facing. The client is only interested in you if they identify a need/problem or pain point that you can solve and provide a solution for it. It’s the kind of value that you can provide them that will enable them to consider your firm for the project.

If your firm’s approach is strictly from a sales perspective, generally, the economy of scale is to grow as large as you can. The strategy is to sell your product or service with a clear price and value directly to an identifiable individual client.

From a Business development perspective, the economy of scale is much smaller because the approach to your service is more strategic with the intent to create a partnership. It entails cultivating a relationship with the client and provide a service that could be more cyclical by working through existing partner infrastructures.

In my 14+ years of professional experience in management consulting, business development has been stretched to encompass a wider variety of activities with the intent to stay smaller in size. In its most traditional definition it is all about developing partnerships, which often includes some sales. Whereas, strictly sales are more transaction oriented where scalability is the differentiator.

Ernest is a Director for Bradson Consulting. The firm with a unique model, combines client relationships from Fortune 100 and 500 companies like Nike, T-Mobile, AT&T, Microsoft, and Expedia etc. with a deep network of the region’s top consulting talent. This approach provides our clients with senior consultants with the specific expertise and industry experience that is relevant and applicable to their needs. Our clients engage us for both leadership and execution within critical business initiatives.

4 FAQs Answered on Promotional and Event Wristbands

You may have noticed people in public wearing wristbands with a message embossed or debossed on them. It is mostly popular amongst the youth where they are often known to be a part of awareness campaigns that are often known to make use of wristbands as promotional products. The message that these wristbands contain are known to spread like wildfire.

Organisations make use of wristbands for their promotional and branding tasks as they are comfortable, attractive as an accessory, and have a feature of being hi-vis. There are several who are known to be sceptical to opt for such promotional and demarcation options thinking it to be expensive and a waste of resources do not know about the effect it has on people and the level of awareness it creates when the right audience is targeted. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions that people have in general.

1. Do they contribute to providing security to an event?

Well, yes it does! If you have organised an event that has restricted access and the only presence that you expect is from those who have been invited, you can provide each of the attendees with a wristband that demarcates their presence. This would allow you to keep a close eye on intruders and miscreants. It is a better option than stamping people’s hands with messy inks and missing out on most attendees especially when there is a crowd.

2. How can it keep my children safe?

You may be at a public place that is crowded, and you have your children in tow, you child can be kept safe when they wear such wristbands customised with your contact details. These bands are colourful and have hi-vis features that can easily allow you to trace your child in case you part ways in the crowd. You child too would love to wear it due to the attractive features each one of it contains.

3. I do not like the texture of the wristband, can I use something else?

Most promotional wristbands are made of the best quality material, and if you do not like the texture or the look of a particular type, you can always opt for the ones made from different material depending on the message you intend to convey and here are the options that you can choose from.

• Tyvek Bands

• Silicone or Vinyl Bands

• Plastic Bands

• Fabric Bands

4. Does the effect of the cause end after the event?

When talking about the silicone wristbands, there are several who retain the bands to be worn in future even after the event is over. This is because they are easy to wear, comfortable on the wrists, doesn’t create any skin irritations, is colourful, makes a style statement and simultaneously creating brand awareness for the future as well. Whether it concerns the youth or the elderly, everyone loves to wear something that is attractive while serving the purpose and the reason why people are wearing it.

The author Cathy Smith has had experiences with availing silicone wristbands for events and has relevant information on manufacturers who offer customised wristbands.

Business Analytics Training: Features, Aspects and the Advantages

Entrepreneurs run their organizations after gaining the knowledge about how to run their commercial establishment in sync with the latest trends of the industry. The organizations are expected to run according to the rules and regulations of the syndicates of the market. As an entrepreneur, one must have the idea to run a commercial process, and now there are proper training carried on where an aspiring entrepreneur can learn the aspects of setting up a commercial organization.

What is the purpose of the guidance?

The Business Analytics training is a guidance method for each and every individual who wants to show their skills in the industry of trade and commerce. It is going to support them for their ever need. They can operate their work smoothly. But there are a number of things which are there to be synchronized in an account to make that happen.

Every company has their own teaching method. They try to make their students capable by providing various guidelines. Each and every company offers something extraordinary to their students. Selecting the essential materials and much more will be precisely significant when making an allowance for how to run the industry properly.

The way how the provisions are actually ordered will be quite significant. But maximum times ordering by greater quantities will provide the companies as well as the opportunities to just save cost on the provisions. But it is just going to be possible if a company has the place to store an individual which will not be utilized right away through. It is actually something which has to be considered.

What is the need of the course?

If you are opting for the course to add your career, or just you have an intense concentration in Business Analytics training and need to relish the long term profession doing what actually you love, you will then find that the corporate accreditation can offer you along with a myriad of advantages that you can like on a private level on a regular basis.

Not each and every individual love being stacked in front of a computer screen managing analysis. But numbers of people are out there, who actually enjoy this kind of seasoning from the certain company. In fact, one can easily prove and showcase their skill and expertise by getting this specific exercise. Utilizing this drill, you can easily increase your talent which will help you a lot to progress your career smoothly. Some of the companies are there who try to give a complete knowledge to their clients so that they can operate their corporate smoothly.

The advantages of this course

So many people join this particular seasoning just because they enjoy it thoroughly. But apart from interest one of the main advantages of this particular accreditation is that anyone can easily prove their capability to operate the job. When positioning for a place that needs this sort of exercise, containing your authorization is a symbol that you are extremely talented to meet the responsibilities which are needed. Along with that, you can increase the probabilities of being chosen.

One can find that the certification is acknowledged by the industry specialists that are a key benefit, particularly when smearing for the location or an elevation only within your corporation. You can find that it is easily familiar, not only by establishment directors and owners but also by the colleagues and peers.

Accomplishments of the training

There is another advantage of holding this particular authorization is the progression in occupation potential that it may offer. When you begin in any kind of job, you start at the lowest, and you operate your way to top. You may just be considered for progression if you have an applicable industry information, teaching and experience.

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